Goracio Team

Goracio is a team of a wide variety of professionals.

What unites us is love for creative tasks and skill

achieve the set goals within the specified time frame

The creative director brings together, guides and inspires the work of a variety of professionals. It is the work of a creative director that allows you to get a result in which modern trends and the experience of past years are intertwined. And if a designer can be compared to an arrow flying towards a target, then a Creative Director is an archer who sent this arrow flying.

Creative director

Marketers and the sales department – see the goal, believe in themselves and do not look at obstacles. The motto of our Head of Sales is – First you need to get involved in a serious battle, and then you will see.

Marketers and Sales Department

From the outside it may seem that everything is simple. They play with colors, move lines and choose modern fonts. But not everything is so simple! Designers create the very images that allow the brand to develop effectively. And we remember that in the modern world the quality of the “picture” determines the level of sales and profitability by at least 30%.


The screen can be beautiful. But the main thing is that in reality, on a circulation of tens of thousands, everything would also be fine. Our prepress ensures quality at the very last stage – the prepress stage. This is why we say we are responsible for print quality.


The world is not perfect. It is full of hidden and obvious defects. BUT!!! In the photo, everything will be like in an ideal world – without a “hitch and a hitch”, with natural shadows, ideal shape and color.

Retoucher photographer

The workflow is raging, the phone rings, messengers are constantly throwing up new and new messages. And the project manager is like a dancing shiva – he sees everything and always manages to do it. And talk with the customer, and send the circulation, draw up a list of tasks for the near future. And always there is time and place for a cup of good coffee!

Project Manager

What is real is what we can imagine. And we bring to reality the images created by the artist. In fact, what does it cost us to build a house? We draw it, we live it! When there is no possibility of photographing the object. Or it doesn’t even exist, but we need to make it up.


Website design is not just a user-friendly interface. It should still be beautiful, intuitive and be a logical continuation of the style of the company. It is by the appearance of the site the customer judges the entire company.

UI / UX designers

It’s great when the designer was able to draw a masterpiece design, taking into account all the current trends and trends and taking into account all the “wants” of the customer. But it will be even healthier if the layout designer is able to make it all alive. That all the bold ideas of the designer would look good on any screen, on any device. This is where the skill of the Front-end developer comes in.

Front-end developer

His work is not visible, but without it the site will not work. Without the back-end, the design and layout will remain just pretty pictures. The back-end gives the site true meaning and functionality. Makes a site a real commercial product, bringing profit.

Back-end developer

Every project is a commercial product. It has an income, an expense, a cost and a profit. All this needs to be calculated and accounted for. Write out documents, pay taxes, and pay salaries on time. These are such serious and painstaking tasks that make up an ordinary day of a financial superhero – an account manager.

Account manager

The end is the end! But just before the end of the project, you should always check to see if the enemy is in our ranks and has not put silly typos in the most prominent place. And in general, whether the site is working as conceived, rather than “as it happened by itself.


Finding the right word is sometimes a very nontrivial task. And when you consider that you need to find not just one word, but an entire sentence, it’s even more difficult! And that would take the heart, and Google was pleased, and the client immediately reached for his wallet. All in all, it’s not easy being a word artist – a creative copywriter.


Gives birth to new ideas, determines the company’s development strategy, creates an atmosphere of friendliness: fertilizes, watering and spilling. Constantly burning! Therefore, in order to prevent it, we periodically moisten it, cooling the ardor and restoring the balance of fun / work.

Agency Manager, CEO

Our awards

Ukrainian Label

2020, 2021

Ukrainian Packing Star

2020, 2021